January 2019

2019 Forecast - CREB

Posted on Jan 30, 2019

Mike Baylis Calgary Real Estate

Media release: Economic challenges to affect Calgary’s housing market in 2019

Calgary, Jan. 30, 2019 –

The challenging economic climate in Calgary is expected to persist into 2019.

Easing global oil prices, concerns regarding market access and easing investment activity are weighing on the energy sector and are expected to slow growth prospects in the...

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Monthly Market Report - December 2018

Posted on Jan 03, 2019

Mike Baylis Calgary Real Estate

Media release: Job market weakness and lending restrictions a common thread in 2018's housing market

City of Calgary, January 2, 2019 –

As oversupply continues in Calgary’s housing market, December prices eased by one percent compared to last month and are over three percent below last December.

“Persistent weakness in the job market and changes in t...

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